it's what we do.

We're pretty simple folk. At NorthRidge, we believe that we're each on a purpose-driven journey. Finding God's purpose can be one of the most gratifying things you will ever encounter. A large part of what we do is to help you find that purpose by doing the following...

  • gather

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  • scatter

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  • give

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  • serve

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where we gather

NorthRidge is a "portable church". That said, we're not hard to find. When we GATHER, we gather at one of two locations. When you read about services, programs and events, you'll usually find the location at which it's happening. For now, here is the information you need to find either location.

  • the Hub

    Pretty much everything (other than Sunday mornings) happens here. When you drive by, you'll see the signs. Come on in!

    22899 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC

  • thomas haney

    On Sunday mornings, (10:00am) we meet as the church at Thomas Haney Secondary School. We have one main room for the main service, but we've got oodles of space for kids ministry as well. 

    23000 116 Ave, Maple Ridge, BC

meet David

David Buzza is the lead pastor of NorthRidge Church. 

As such, he's responsible for the gatherings each weekend when we meet as the church. Most weekends, you'll find him preaching at SNL on the Saturday night, and/or Sunday mornings. 

If you're interested in learning more about our gatherings, shoot David an email. He likes coffee, so if you don't feel like connecting via email, invite him out for a cup!

David Buzza - lead pastor


Another huge part about our gatherings is music worship. We believe that the opportunity to come together and sing praises to our God is a beautiful privilege. 

Megan Wray leads our music worship teams. She has God-given skill and a pastor's heart for leading people into a transformational encounter with Christ.

Megan Wray - worship director

meet Jordan

Getting connected into a small group is one of the best - and most important - things you can do for your journey. 

Pastor Jordan Craig is our Small Groups Pastor - specifically charged with helping you make a connection with a small group that will challenge you and support you as you walk through life together.

Tap Jordan on the shoulder and ask him more on a Sunday morning, or email him to let him know you're interested!

Jordan Craig - small groups pastor

HOW to give @Northridge

Because not everybody walks around with a chequebook in their pockets, we have come up with a few different ways for you to give your tithes and offerings. Find the one that works best for you!

  • Automatic withdrawals

    Regular withdrawals. You can set up a regular withdrawal from your bank account (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly) so that it comes out automatically. Please contact Cheryl at and we can get the paperwork to you to get you signed up.

  • electronic transfer

    You can give through E-transfers at your financial institution. Email money to and with the question to transfer money "What is the name of the church?" and the password with no capitals "northridge".

  • Sunday mornings

    Each Sunday morning, we have a time of Offering. When you give on Sundays, you can put your tithes and offerings in a NorthRidge envelope with the appropriate information. Then, a tax receipt will be issued to you for your donation. When you choose to put cash in the offering bag, that is automatically designated to targeted outreach programs (outside of NorthRidge.)

  • PayPal

    This can be done online, but please note that there is a processing fee (2.95%) that comes off your donation each time you give through Paypal.

  • Online Banking

    The church can be listed as a payee for online banking. If you'd like to use this option, please contact Cheryl at and we can help you get set up (it takes a few weeks to do this as it must be done through National Office)

meet Ryan

Want to learn more about giving at NorthRidge? Ryan Douglas is NorthRidge's director of finances. 

This may sound like quite the ivory-tower title, but really Ryan's all about obedient stewardship. Since the initial church-plant, Ryan has helped to balance the books while maintaining NorthRidge's mandate of generosity. 

While Ryan works mostly behind the scenes, he's always available to talk hockey or about why it is important for everyone to tithe. :)

Ryan Douglas - finance director

Giving goes a long way...

Giving can be a sore-spot for a lot of people. When our money is hard-earned, it's difficult to give it away. However, when we've got a Kingdom-perspective of our finances, we realize that everything we've got is a gift from God. It becomes a joy to give back - especially when you can see the good that comes from giving. 

When you give at NorthRidge, you'll quickly learn that you're not funding a mega-building or a team of lavishly-paid staff. We live frugally so that we can give generously.

We're excited to share more about the ways we steward our finances. Consider visiting our ON MISSION page to learn more!

meet Cheryl

Cheryl is the gatekeeper for pretty much everything at NorthRidge.

As our Church Administrator, she is your best connecting point if you're interested in serving at NorthRidge.

You'll find that there are plenty of ways to get involved through service. We believe that serving will be one of the best things you do to find purpose and your place in the church community.

Cheryl Roman - church administrator