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At NorthRidge, we have an incredible team of leaders. Feel free to connect directly with whomever is the most likely to have the answers!

northridge elders

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  • dave + carol buzza

    Dave Sr. and Carol are pastor David's parents. No apologies are made for nepotism. :) Dave and Carol are not only steeped in a history of faith, but they know pastor David better than any other couple on the planet. As such, they're qualified to speak into his life and the life of his family. 

  • rob + janet buzza

    Rob and Jan are the founding pastors of NorthRidge Church. In 2008, they led a rag-tag group of families into the wilds of Maple Ridge. Today, Rob serves at Buchanan Lodge and Jan keeps them traveling as their personal agent.

  • steve + roxanne murdoch

    Steve and Roxanne have both served in many capacities at NorthRidge. Currently, Steve heads our Men's Ministries and Roxanne heads our Women's Ministries. Together, their super-power is hospitality. If you ever get invited for dinner, don't think about it... do it!

  • scott + noreen odell

    If you were to look up "humility" in the dictionary, you'd likely see a photo of these two. When asked to serve as Elders at NorthRidge, they politely asked to be "secret Elders". This couple is as steeped in Maple Ridge history as they are in NorthRidge history.

NorthRidge Council

The NorthRidge Council serves to steward all NorthRidge resources.

All Council members are tithing members of NorthRidge Church, are nominated by past Council members and ratified by member-vote at our AGM. Members serve two-year terms and can renew their term twice before taking a mandate break. (With the exception of the pastor and treasurer.)

  • jordan craig

  • ken mcdonnell

  • jessika morin

  • david buzza

    council chair

  • gord demchuk

  • ryan douglas


  • josiah dangerfield


  • barrie deboer

northridge staff

Though NorthRidge is supported by many volunteers, we also employ a team of part-time staff members.