serving builds community

There's a good church metaphor that teaches about the difference between a family table and a restaurant. At a restaurant, you pay your money and expect excellent service. At a family table, the dinner experience is what you help it to be. If you see a need, you pitch in and make it better! NorthRidge is full of people who are a part of the family table. We want you to learn more about how to take part.


    As a portable church (a church that sets up and tears down each week) we are very reliant on volunteers to make our space look ready for people. This is a great way to meet new people and feel good about enabling all the ministries that happen on a Sunday morning!

    If you have an interest in serving on one of our setup teams, contact Jennifer!


    There are several ways you can become involved in an incredibly-important part of Sunday mornings. Consider becoming a greeter, someone who runs the Welcome Table, or becoming a barista at our Sunday morning coffee bar. Each of these ministries is designed to help people feel that they are truly welcome to be a part of our community.

    If you have an interest in serving on one of our Welcome Teams, contact Jennifer!

  • Music + tech

    If you've got a special talent for music, or a special interest in A/V technology, we've got a place for you to serve! Each week, we need drummers, guitar + bass players, keyboard players and singers. Behind the scenes, we need sound technicians, video technicians and people to run ProPresenter. 

    If you've got an interest in Music or Tech, contact Megan Wray!

  • student ministry

    If you want to be a part of the team who builds up our next generation, there are too many opportunities to list, here. Instead, you can visit our NRStudents page to browse through the broad variety of areas in which you can serve! There, you'll meet Tawny and Alex. They can also help you find the fit for where you're best-equipped to serve!