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  • Connect with staff

    NorthRidge is blessed with a LOT of people who volunteer their time to make a difference in our community. Some roles require more responsibility and time. These are our staff members.

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  • Meet our council

    Each month, our Council sits to review finances and make decisions regarding the stewardship of resources. Council Members are tithing members of NorthRidge Church, nominated by outgoing Council Members.

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  • Meet our elders

    NorthRidge is fortunate to have several couples we can turn to for wisdom and prayer. Our Elders are couples with a rich history of faith and long-standing commitment to ministry at NorthRidge.

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  • meet our leaders

    The first thing that should be said is that this isn't a comprehensive (or likely even up-to-date) list of our current leaders. Each of these people oversees a ministry or team at NorthRidge.

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