What happens when we give?

First, when we give, we are fulfilling a purpose for which we were created.  We believe that every good thing we have is a gift from the Ultimate Giver. He blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others. When we give, we are recognizing this blessing as well as demonstrating that God has the first place in our lives. 

If you're already ready to give, simply click here to learn more about the way you can give which is most convenient for you!

Finally, when we give we create a tangible opportunity to bless others. At NorthRidge, we are very intentional about how we steward our finances. We have adopted the framework from Acts 1:8 for how we give as a church. Below, you'll find a list of people who benefit every time you give...

Meet Ryan

Ryan Douglas is NorthRidge's director of finances. 

This may sound like quite the ivory-tower title, but really Ryan's all about obedient stewardship. Since the initial church-plant, Ryan has helped to balance the books while maintaining NorthRidge's mandate of generosity. 

While Ryan works mostly behind the scenes, he's always available to talk hockey or about why it is important for everyone to tithe. :)

Ryan Douglas - director of finances

What happens when we give?

We view the "Jerusalem" in Acts 1:8 as the church of NorthRidge. To fulfill our calling to be "witnesses in Jerusalem", we do all that we can to provide the location and resources in the background so that we can effectively disciple the families of NorthRidge through fellowship, music worship and teaching.

When you give your tithes and offerings at NorthRidge, you will see that we steward these finances with inward frugality. Our leaders are excellent at running their "departments" simply, but with great results. 

We are determined to get the most out of every penny that comes into NorthRidge. Our focus is on providing every opportunity to be discipled, while maintaining an "outward focus" when it comes to giving.

What you'll find is that we're a church family who practices what we preach. We believe that generosity is one of God's characteristics and we want to follow His model. When you give to NorthRidge, we'll be generous in our attempts to welcome people in and disciple them, but we'll be even more generous at looking outwardly to see people - who aren't a part of NorthRidge - come to know our great God!

Giving in our community, Maple Ridge and beyond...

When we give at NorthRidge, we're looking to make a positive difference. Have a look at the groups and organizations who we help to make a positive difference in our "Judea & Samaria".

  • Youth Unlimited

    Youth Unlimited is an organization that does a lot of good, but one of the things we love most about them is that they are in the schools of Maple Ridge. Specifically, three of our NorthRidgers are working directly with kids from our communities to walk through life with them.

    In addition, we get to partner with Youth Unlimited to provide a breakfast every Friday morning at Thomas Haney. It is a fantastic opportunity to serve (during the week) where we worship on Sundays.

    Click here or on the Youth Unlimited logo for more information.

  • Celebrate Recovery

    A Christ-centered recovery program for every hurt, hang-up or habit.

    Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered 12 step program for those who are ready to embark on a journey of real and lasting change.

    Click here or on the Celebrate Recovery logo for more information.

  • WomanCare Pregnancy Centre

    Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be confusing and overwhelming, even when you have a strong network of support around you. It’s even harder when you are alone. Our peer counsellors are here to provide a listening ear. We are available to discuss with you all your options – adoption, parenting, and abortion – in a caring and respectful manner.

    Click here or on the WomanCare logo for more information.

Giving goes a long way...

This is Brent and Michelle Ellingson. In February of 2016, Brent and Michelle were sent by NorthRidge to Nicaragua to live and to serve. There's a lot more to their story, (click the link to hear their story,) but the heart of the matter is that they've responded to God's call on their lives to sell everything and live as missionaries in Nicaragua. 

Brent will be using his giftings as a builder and project manager (along with many other giftings) to serve under the banner of eMi (Engineering Ministries International.) The link will tell you about what they'll be doing with eMi, but if you know Brent and Michelle, you'll know that their "role" isn't limited to a ministry-description. As a couple, they've already served on numerous short-term missions trips. They are going to be in Nicaragua to see people's lives changed because of the transformational power of the gospel. 

If you'd like to follow along in their adventures, keep in touch by following their blog. Brent and Michelle are committed to doing their part to stay connected to our church family here in Canada and we're committed to doing the same! So, if you'd like to reach out and connect with the Ellingsons, we'd really encourage you to do so! You can simply visit the Contact Us page from their website and send a message from Canada directly to our missionaries in Nicaragua!

Finally, if you want to help be a "witness... to the ends of the earth", you can pray and give. This is a fantastic opportunity in that you'll see every penny of your gifts go directly to the ones you're giving to. 

The Ellingsons are on a mission to see lives changed for eternity and we are invited to join in for the ride!