HOW to give

For better and for worse, there are a LOT of different ways in which you can give toward the work being done at NorthRidge.

By visiting our HOW TO GIVE page, we'll walk you through the steps so that you can give simply and confidently.

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how we give

One of the beautiful things about giving is the good it does. We're excited to share with you a few of the ways in which your giving contributes to extended giving.

NorthRidge is very intentional about partnering with organizations on the frontlines of good works. 

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meet Ryan

Want to learn more about giving at NorthRidge? Ryan Douglas is NorthRidge's director of finances. 

This may sound like quite the ivory-tower title, but really Ryan's all about obedient stewardship. Since the initial church-plant, Ryan has helped to balance the books while maintaining NorthRidge's mandate of generosity. 

While Ryan works mostly behind the scenes, he's always available to talk hockey or about why it is important for everyone to tithe. :)

Ryan Douglas - finance director

Giving goes a long way...

Giving can be a sore-spot for a lot of people. When our money is hard-earned, it's difficult to give it away. However, when we've got a Kingdom-perspective of our finances, we realize that everything we've got is a gift from God. It becomes a joy to give back - especially when you can see the good that comes from giving. 

When you give at NorthRidge, you'll quickly learn that you're not funding a mega-building or a team of lavishly-paid staff. We live frugally so that we can give generously.

We're excited to share more about the ways we steward our finances. Consider visiting our HOW WE GIVE page to learn more!