HOW to give @Northridge

Because not everybody walks around with a chequebook in their pockets, we have come up with a few different ways for you to give your tithes and offerings. Find the one that works best for you!

  • Online Banking

    The church can be listed as a payee for online banking. If you'd like to use this option, please contact Cheryl at and we can help you get set up (it takes a few weeks to do this as it must be done through National Office)

  • Automatic withdrawals

    Regular withdrawals. You can set up a regular withdrawal from your bank account (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly) so that it comes out automatically. Please contact Jen at and we can get the paperwork to you to get you signed up.

  • electronic transfer *PREFERRED

    You can give through E-transfers at your financial institution. Email money to and with the question to transfer money "What is the name of the church?" and the password with no capitals "northridge".

  • Sunday mornings

    Each Sunday morning, we have a time of Offering. When you give on Sundays, you can put your tithes and offerings in a NorthRidge envelope with the appropriate information. Then, a tax receipt will be issued to you for your donation. When you choose to put cash in the offering bag, that is automatically designated to targeted outreach programs (outside of NorthRidge.)