You'll find that this is a bit of a recurring theme. 

Our dream is to equip and support families so that they can grow to know Jesus and follow Him.

Along with creating programs and events for children, we are creating resources for your family. Check them out!

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Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 7

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men

-Fredrick Douglass

This isn't the Bible, but it's a quote worth remembering. It's also a big reason for why we are so heavily invested in the dream of equipping and supporting kids and families at NorthRidge. 

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highschool + post-secondary

For better AND for worse, there are more influences in the lives of our kids as they get older. We want to continue to speak into the lives of our developing students - engaging with them right into their post-secondary years.

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Adults are people too. :)

We want to help you find the right fit so that you can grow in a community that will surround you with love and care.

There are many sizes and shapes for our adult community groups - we're sure you'll find your people!

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