grown up together

Adulting can be tough work sometimes! Facing the challenges of work, family and life shouldn't be done alone. 

We've created some GROUPS for you to check out so that you've got a traveling buddy along this journey...

small groups

Getting together is tough these days. But it's important!

In fact, we believe so strongly that the best way to create and maintain Spiritual health is through meeting with Jesus in small groups, that we have a Small Groups Pastor who wants to help you connect.

Reach out to Jordan now!

men's+women's groups

Steve and Roxanne Murdoch serve as Elders for NorthRidge Church AND head up the Men's and Women's Ministries. 

Watch our NorthRidge CALENDAR for the latest events, but if you have a question, you can connect with them directly.




Peter and Theresa Scholz lead our 50up! Group. If you are 50 or better, make sure to watch our NorthRidge CALENDAR for the latest events.

You can also email them directly at: