THIS IS us... in a nutshell

A central reason for our decision to maintain a website is that we know you want to know what you're "getting into" before you visit a new church. The truth is that you'll never really get a feel for what NorthRidge is all about until you experience things firsthand. But here's a shortlist of things that might help you:

  • A Quick History
  • Our Dream for the Present + Future
  • What we believe

a quick history

NorthRidge Church was launched in September 2008. A group of families from Northside Church in PortCoquitlam "planted" this new church in Thomas Haney School. 

From the beginning, we looked to be a community that blessed children and families with healthy foundations and hope for the future.

Our journey saw us expand to meet in several churches and rentals spaces to accommodate the growth of these children's programs. Eventually, we saw the need to invest in a retail location where we could house all of our midweek activities and events. For five years, we made theHub our home while continuing to provide Weekend Services at Thomas Haney.

In September 2020, we brought it all together to Colleen Findlay Place. Here, we're excited to lay down deep roots in our community.

our dream for the present + future

Ultimately, everything we do should point people toward Jesus. As such, our "mission" is to teach others about who He is so that they can have a life-changing relationship with Him. 

The DREAM of our church is to be a community that blesses children and families - equipping and supporting them - in their own journey. 

What we believe

We want you to know JESUS. 

We believe He's the best thing since... ever. :)

To help you learn more about the "specifics" of what we believe, we've created a separate page called