let's plan to meet up!

COVID has taken some of the spontaneity out of meeting as the church, but we've done our best to streamline the planning-ahead process.

Check out the simple steps for planning your visit:

  1. Find your best fit for meeting.
  2. Register for the time of your choosing.
  3. Watch a quick, introductory video.
  4. Show up for church!

find your fit

While there are limitations to the number of people we can host a any given time, there are several options for Weekend Services with NorthRidge Church:

  • Friday Youth Service (7:00pm@ColleenFindlayPlace)
  • Saturday NightLife (7:00pm@ColleenFindlayPlace)
  • Sunday Morning Service (9:00am@ColleenFindlayPlace)
  • Sunday Morning Service (11:00am@ColleenFindlayPlace)
  • Sunday Service ONLINE (10:00am) viaYouTube

register for your visit

During this time of limited seating capacity, we need you to book your visit ahead of time. This allows us to manage our numbers AND ensure that those who are visiting understand the things we're trying to do to keep you safe. 

Click the link below to be introduced to your Weekend Service Options!

Learn more about how to REGISTER