• Our STAFF work hard to serve the church. Get to know them better by clicking through the website!

  • Our COUNCIL is an appointed group of people charged with stewarding the resources of NorthRidge Church.

  • Our ELDERS are our Spiritual Support Group. They leverage their own experiences and maturity to bless our church.

  • Our diverse group of LEADERS give specialized coverage to the many different ministries at NorthRidge.

  • MEET DONNE | Church Council

    Donne is someone you might have seen singing as a part of one of our worship teams. She was also selected to Council to help make stewardship decisions about the church's resources. Council is not a glamorous responsibility, but it helps us make wise decisions and stay on track!


    Some of you will remember Pastor Rob as the Founding Pastor of NorthRidge Church. For five years, he and Jan led us as we planted this church in Maple Ridge (2008.) Today, they are an active part of our NorthRidge Community - serving in several ways. One of the most valued contributions is their role as Elders. Each of them has their specific giftings. Jan is detail-oriented and Rob is liberal with encouragement. Together, they help care for the church - which includes two more generations of their family!