scatter together!

One of the primary philosophies of NorthRidge is that the church isn't a building - it's people. Similarly, the church doesn't only meet on Sundays. We should be in healthy relationships throughout the week. You already know that relationships take time, so - if you're not already - plan the time to meet in home groups. We have some established all over Maple Ridge, and if you'd like to jump in we can help you make that connection. In addition, if you are interested in hosting a home group, we can make that happen.

You can get things started with a simple CONNECTION! Let us know how to help!

established small groups

In addition to meeting in home groups, there are MANY different opportunities to meet with people in similar life-stages with similar life-interests. If you're looking to make a connection immediately, check out our calendar to see what might be happening as early as today! Otherwise, check out the pathways below to find small groups that might be the best fit for you.

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  • students

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