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sunday morning video podcasts

Search here for videos of past sermons. Also check out the Small Group Discussion Questions attached to each video podcast.

If you're searching for videos of our SNL Saturday Night Service, just click HERE!

SNL Videos

Here's where you can find all the latest Messages from Saturday NightLife services!

Join us EVERY Saturday (7:00pm) @theHub (22899 Dewdney Trunk Road.)


What would our relationships look like, if we walked them out in the context of Matthew 22's call to Love God first, and to love others as much as we love ourselves? This Fall, we'll be looking at our life as an individual, our friendships, marriage and even our parenting in light of this call to unselfishness.

are we there yet? big questions on the road of life.

Life is full of big questions. Every day, we have the choice to respond (or develop a response) to these big questions - or simply bury our heads in the sand and wait for them to go away. Join us as we explore what is truly important about the questions themselves, and offer a Biblical framework and response to inspire further thinking.

JESUS + Nothing = Everything

This six-week series is a look at the letter Paul wrote to the Colossians. In it, we point out the fact that Jesus is truly everything and all we need.

god conquers: a study of the book of judges

We followed up Easter 2018 with a 6 part series on the book of Judges. Through the lens of our conquering God, we looked at what He specifically conquered (and continues to conquer) in our lives.

the prayer series

Following our AGM, we taught through a 3 part series on prayer.


This sermon series ran for the first 9 weeks of 2018. It is a look at the "giants" who are working to find a seat on the throne of your life. We'll take an honest look at Money, Culture and Self - and see what we can do to keep God on the throne of our lives.


Advent is all about looking toward the birth of Jesus. This year, we look at the fruits of Jesus' coming - Hope, Love, Joy and Peace.

EPHESIANS: Believing, Becoming & Belonging

Fall 2017 - A series on the book of Ephesians

WISDOM: Getting Good @ Life

Summer 2017 - an 8 part series through Proverbs, Eccelesiastes & Job

PARABLES: Jesus Told

Spring 2017



Spring 2017 - a series on Evangelism


Winter 2017

THE RESCUE: God's GREAT plan to save the world

Winter 2016


Fall 2016 - a 2 part series

OUT THERE: DiscipleShip Series

This study of Luke is a study of Discipleship. It should serve as an inspiration to get OUT THERE!

What do you believe?

This series was a rallying point for things that we hold to be true. The series acts as a same-pagedness for those who aren't sure or those who wonder about what we believe to be true.

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