Meet Tawny

Tawny Douglas gives leadership to all of our amazing kids' programs. 

She is a creative leader who is equally gifted with kids and leaders. Along with an amazing team of small group leaders, they find ways to connect with the youngest of kids, the pre-teens and youth. 

Please come and talk to Tawny any time with questions or compliments about anything regarding kids at NorthRidge. She is available via email or phone throughout the week!

Tawny Douglas - student ministries pastor


Meet Alex

Alex is Tawny's go-to person. "Assistant" doesn't adequately describe all that Alex does in the Kids' department.

You can find Alex leading Sunday School on Sundays, Ignite every other Friday, and she tends to pop up just about everywhere else as well. 

If you're a parent looking for information about anything kid-related at NorthRidge, Alex is a very capable person to direct your questions to. Look for her and say "Hi!" 

Learn more about our NRStudent Groups!

We've designed our NRStudent small groups for maximum effectiveness and fun! By clicking on the images below, you can learn more about the different age groups and programs we run on Sundays and throughout the week. Be sure to register your child to ensure we have their id badge and correct information.  

  • AGES 0-2

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  • Ages 2-5

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  • grades k-4

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  • grades 5-7

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  • grades 8-12

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  • Student Leadership Team

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ALL KIDS gr. 2-7 are welcome to come to our HUGE Kids Camp Rally May 26th.  This is a FREE event that helps families learn more about summer camp for kids.  All of our Foursquare Churches rally together to put on a fabulous night of FUN!!!