What is SLT

You may hear people refer to the students of our church as "the next generation" or "the future of the church" we believe you are an essential part of the body of Christ right now!  Whether you are 10 or 70, if you are a believer in Jesus, you have been called to serve God and serve other people. We want to train, develop and disciple student leaders so they are equipped to better serve their church, schools and communities. We want NorthRidge students to grow and discover their gifts and abilities so they can use them to glorify God. We want SLT to be a place where students are encouraged to not only cast vision, but to execute it as well, believing in truth that they are empowered by the Holy Spirit and supported by the family of Christ around them. 

We are not looking for students who view SLT as just an extension of their social life.  INSTEAD, we welcome students who have a desire to care for and love others in order to glorify God.  We are looking for students who are serving in all aspects of their lives and who are willing to be spiritual leaders to those around them.  We want students who are motivated by the fact that they are loved by Jesus, the One who set the ultimate example of service for us. 

  • expectations?

    If you become part of our Student Leadership Team, you commit to:

    - consistently diving into God's Word and letting the Holy Spirit transform you

    - attending weekly meetings (thursday 3:00-4:30pm)

    - having done the work required (ie: listening, taking notes, reading assigned work, preparing lists of ways  to reach your school etc)

    - attending NorthRidge weekend service consistently and reaching out to students who are new to our church.

    - actively serving at NorthRidge in our designated areas.

    - understanding that you are held to a higher standard and remaining open to correction/accountablility for SLT leaders regarding your actions, words, social media usage, etc. 

  • who is this for?

    This opportunity is open to students grade 5-7 (Juniors) and grade 8-12 (Seniors) with a heart and passion to grow deeper in their faith and leadership ability. 

    If you have any questions please email tawny - kids@nrchurch.ca

  • NOrthRidge SLT Application

    Please fill out this online form to apply for the Student Leadership Team.  CLICK HERE