a typical Sunday

Making the first visit ANYwhere can be a bit intimidating. We hope that would never be the case at NorthRidge, but hopefully, this run-down of a "typical" Sunday can help you get your head around what you might expect...

Coffee - like just about every good thing, a Sunday service begins with coffee. Bring your own mug, or fill up a disposable cuppa joe. It's fresh every Sunday morning!

Childcare - "childcare" doesn't fully capture all that we have in store for your kids. But - for the sake of this overview - you can count on kid-friendly programs for your just-born to your grade 12 students. Check out below for more details.

Start time - we tell everybody that the Sunday services begin at 10am, but (between you, me, and the doorpost,) the action starts at about 10:05. If you have trouble getting there exactly on time, you can always sneak in at any time.

Music Worship - every Sunday, we take about 30-40mins to worship God through music and singing. The music is fantastic, and the reason we sing is even better!

the Message - every Sunday, we take about 30-40mins to teach from the Bible. Because we believe that this is the Word of God and that it has something fresh and new for us each time we read it, we keep this at the centre of our teaching.

While we hope that we provide an opportunity for EVERYone to encounter God and be inspired on Sundays, we think we do an especially good job of encouraging children and families. We hope that you'll be bold enough to come out for a "test drive" on a Sunday! (10:00am @ Thomas Haney Secondary School.)

Sundays for Students

One thing we often brag about at NorthRidge is that we do a great job with the kids. There's literally something for everyone on Sunday mornings and we believe that each grouping will fit your child to a "T".

  • Babies

    (0-24 months)

    If you've got a squirmy little one who doesn't appreciate the pastor's teaching, you're welcome to bring your child to our Nursery. There will always be a responsible adult along with at least one assistant to make sure your little one has all the support they need. If they miss you too much, we'll quietly let you know. 

    For more information about how we want to care for your littlest ones, click here to visit our NRStudent page for newborns to 3 year olds!

  • Toddlers / preschoolers

    (2-4 years)

    Sundays are a time for fun and activity for our toddlers and preschoolers. They'll sing songs, play games and hear a story from God's Word alongside others their age. Our leaders know how to engage with your little one and we're confident that they'll LOVE their Sunday at NorthRidge.

    This is a transitional time for your little ones. You may want to learn more about our programs for kids who are newborn to 3 years old. You can do so by clicking on the link in the previous section. OR, you may be ready to learn more about our 4-6 year old programs by clicking here!

  • Elementary Ages

    (Kindergarten - grade 4)

    This is our miniature church... on steroids. These school-aged kids will have a time of singing, games and small groups where they will connect with friends and leaders. There's never a dull moment in what we call "the Junction".

    Once again, this is a broad age group, so you if your child is 6 years old or under, check out the previous section for a link about programs just for them. OR, if your child is in grades 2-4, we've got something exciting planned for them! Click here to learn more!

  • route 57

    (grades 5-7)

    This group may not be as loud, but they're just as fun. The Route 57 teachers always come ready to pack fun and learning into this time together. Route 57 students start the day in the Rotunda (the main service area where the adults meet) but after music worship, they meet together with their fellow grade 5-7 students.

    We've got some great events and activities for our grade 5-7 students. Click here to learn more!

  • the MOVEMENT

    (grades 8-12)

    Like Route 57, the high school students start their Sundays with the adults in the Rotunda. Then, after music worship, they get together with other high school students from all across Maple Ridge for a time of discussion-based teaching and youth-aged games.

    Mid-week, our grade 8-12 kids get together every week. To learn more about programs for youth, click here.