The Movement gr. 7-12

Reserve your seating for youth ministry Friday April 16th.  We will meet at Northridge Church drop off is 7pm and pick up is 830pm.  All grade 7-12 welcome but be sure to sign up to reserve your spot. Click here!

Crossover young adults

Time to Register for our weekly Sunday Morning gathering 9:30-11AM (gr. 11- age 22) If you haven't joined us yet, reserve your seating by signing up today.  We can't wait to spend Sunday morning with YOU!

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let's grow together!

On Sunday, May 2nd, we'll be welcoming new Members to NorthRidge Church. If you're looking to "put a ring on it" and join us in our mission and vision, there are some things we want to do to make this special.

STEP 1 - complete the form by "GETTING STARTED" below.

STEP 2 - (optional) plan for a day to film the story of how you came to NorthRidge

STEP 3 - we'll announce your Membership and show the stories on May 2!


summer internships

We're hoping to hire some summer interns to help with Student Ministries. We won't know how many internships are going to be available to us this summer, so - for now - we're just looking to see who's interested!

To let us know that you're interested in learning more about our Internships, get the ball rolling by clicking the button below!

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If you're looking for an audio-only version of our Sunday Services, check out the NR Sermon Podcast. 

You can find it on most major podcast providers, but here's a link to our favourite...


monthly e-magazine

Each month, we send out an eMagazine directly to Subscribers' Inboxes. If you want to stay up-to-date with the most relevant NorthRidge news, 


Fab fun family box

This is a great way to bring the Sunday morning experience and connection into your home. Our boxes include 5 weeks of interactive Bible lesson for students 3 yrs old to grade 7 .  All supplies are included in each box to make it easier for families.  Each week you will have an activity, a video teaching lesson, and a family devotion.  Every box is paired with one of our volunteers that will check in time to time and connect with you and your children. Register NOW for our May/June Boxes.  If you have any questions please connect with:

Tawny -

Alex -