2 simple (yet effective) ways to find connection @Northridge

Have you ever felt like you just couldn't "connect" in a church? Unfortunately, it's a common story with a simple solution. Actually, there are TWO, simple solutions... We believe that Sunday Services are a place for celebrating. (We're engaged with whoever shows up.) Small Groups are a place of belonging. It's a place where you can celebrate life's good-times and care for each other through the hard-times. Similarly, you'll never feel truly connected in a church unless you've got skin in the game. NorthRidge isn't a place to show up and leave anonymously. If you want to connect, get serving! 


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even more ways to connect!

While we feel as though the best way to connect is face-to-face, there are additional ways to stay up-to-date and connected with the people of NorthRidge. Check out the following list, and pay attention to the intention of each of these nodes for contact.

  • jennifer

    Jennifer McMillan is our NorthRidge Administrator.

    She'll help you with any connections you can't make on your own.

    You can reach her via email at info@nrchurch.ca.

    You can also leave a voicemail at 604.380.3687.


    We know that you're likely bombarded with emails every day. This is why we're careful to maintain a routine of monthly email NEWSLETTERS delivered to your email Inbox. 

    It's a great way to get a snapshot of where we're at as a church and to get a preview of major events coming up that month.

    To start receiving these newsletters, simply SUBSCRIBE here!

  • facebook

    In Facebook, we have two resources with unique purposes:

    Our FACEBOOK PAGE is a dependable source for accurate information. It is updated by a group of NorthRidge administrators and has "shareable" information.

    Our FACEBOOK GROUP is a bulletin-board of information for members of the group. If you're interested in viewing or posting information to this group, simply follow the instructions on the site. 

  • instagram

    Check us out at INSTANRCHURCH for announcements, photos and videos from NorthRidge events and activities. 

    Follow and tag us when you post your own pictures to Instagram!

  • youtube

    Look for our NorthRidge Church YOUTUBE CHANNEL to find things like Sunday Sermons, SNL Sermons, Testimonies, Baptisms and other fun stuff! 

    This is the site you'll be directed to when you visit our MEDIA section of this website. 

  • twitter

    This is an emerging resource in that we don't have anyone who consistently posts to our Twitter account... yet. If you are a frequenter of Twitter and want to take over the account to provide interactive posts for those who want to follow NorthRidge, let us know at info@nrchurch.ca